Flute Lessons

Diana teaching Flute


Currently teaching online lessons or in person in Prince Edward County.

Come study in a warm, comfortable and colourful home studio, where the emphasis is on creating a positive and encouraging musical experience.  Whether you choose to learn via the Suzuki method or through the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM), Diana's flexible teaching style can accommodate whatever goals you are striving for.  She has successfully prepared students for RCM examinations, music competitions and university auditions.  

Beginner (age 4) to advanced students welcome.  


Contact diana@ottawaflute.ca


Diana has a passion for teaching and uses humour and compassion to encourage her students to their full potential. A strong believer in creating safe and positive learning environments for people, Diana fosters confidence and talent in a nurturing manner. She is patient and kind but will also expect regular practice and attention to detail.  Diana uses structured lessons to increase improvement and orient goals. She loves working with students of all ages and levels - from young beginners (4), children, teens, students who wants to audition to university, graduated students and adults.  

Diana has a Bachelor of Music degree from Wilfrid Laurier University, a Master of Music in Performance from the University of Ottawa and is an Associate Performance Faculty at Carleton University.  She was an Artist in Residence at the Banff Centre for the Arts, and freelanced for several years performing with various orchestras and chamber music groups. Diana has spoken several times at the University of Ottawa about teaching beginners and how to set them up for success. She has coached and adjudicated at Canterbury High School several times, and has been a clinician for MusicFest and the New Horizons Band.  She performs regularly with her flute trio Opus 3.


Suzuki Method is suitable for any ages, but is especially appropriate for young beginners ages 4-8.  Suzuki Method is a method which approaches learning music in the same way children learn language. Some key points of Suzuki method are:

  1. Parent-Teacher-Student Triangle: parents are involved in the learning process
  2. Community: The student learns through both private tuition and group ensemble, thus creating a social aspect to learning music.
  3. Listening: The student starts listening to music right away to develop their ear
  4. Repetition: Have you ever noticed how young children love to play the same games or watch the same episodes over and over?  We use this love of repetition to our advantage in Suzuki method.
  5. A positive and encouraging environment: Just like how we celebrate when a child speaks their first moves, we celebrate their musical successes also.


 The RCM offers a comprehensive and standardized approach to music through level and examinations.  Students learn 


Ear training




and can take formal examinations at any level.  

The RCM has invested in creating a Flute Overtones series, which has a beautiful selection of repertoire, plus brilliant recordings that go along with it.  

The RCM is also a way for students to gain certification should they choose not to pursue music in university, and is recognized nationwide as a standard for musicians.


All students who study with Diana have the option of enhancing their music environment with group lessons.  Group lessons are integral to adding a social aspect to an otherwise individual activity. Group lessons encourage better sight reading, listening and performance skills, while also teaching students about proper etiquette, communication and group dynamics. 
Diana’s flute ensemble groups perform in all studio recitals as well as in the Kiwanis Music Festival.  Her senior flute ensemble has won the Ottawa Flute Association Trophy 3 times and has been invited to play in the Highlights Concert several times. Group lessons occur weekly on Mondays, with the exception of any Monday that is a school holiday.


Please contact Diana at diana@ottawaflute.ca for lesson pricing